Copy of 3D Printer Education Software for Small Schools

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Access to be3D Academy for teacher-tested online lesson plans, 3D models and training resources. Includes 3 years of exclusive access to premium lessons. 15 initial premium lessons with additional sets of lessons added quarterly.

Created by educators, these step-by-step lesson plans include student worksheets, teaching tips, videos and ready-to-print 3D model files. The growing online collection of 3D lesson plans offers a variety of subjects (STEM and others), each with an estimated time for project completion and learning outcomes.

Using 3D printing in the classroom encourages creativity and collaboration. Students are actively engaged with hands on learning through trial and error. They can test new ideas and work on group projects which will translate into valuable career skills later in life.

The benefits for the teachers is that they can create 3D models as teaching aids giving students the opportunity to inspect complex themes such as human organs and geographic phenomenon.

eDee printer has enclosed chassis that protects from heat and moving parts. Biodegradable PLA material is kind to the environment. Intuitive, intelligent software guides users and has helpful notifications. eDee printers don‘t requite constant teacher supervision and can be left unattended in the classroom, in maker spaces, libraries or anywhere on the school grounds.


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