As the purchase price of 3D printers has declined, educators have been quick to bring the technology into the classroom. As a stand-alone device, 3D printing offers many benefits for students and educators alike: increased motivation and interest in the subject matter, particularly within STEAM subjects, ability to use creativity in teaching and learning and gaining skills needed for the modern workplace.

YSoft eDee is designed for safety and ease of use by students. The solution is teacher-tested for the classroom and includes everything a school needs, including YSoft BE3D Academy, an online library of 3D lesson plans, models, and training resources. Offered in single use starter bundles and 2D and 3D print management bundles for large and small schools. Commercial bundles are also offered to companies who are interested in providing unique employee perks and for shared resources, like printing and office location services.



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YSoft BE3D Academy

The YSoft BE3D Academy is an online collection of 3D lesson plans that has specifically been designed for educators. Each of the 3D lesson plans are teacher-tested projects and are ISTE standard compliant.

Each 3D lesson plan offers a variety of tools including 3D model files, videos, student worksheets, and presentations to introduce a project to students.

With new lessons added quarterly, it makes it easy for teachers to bring STEAM subject matter to life in the classroom and saving valuable time for teachers when preparing the curriculum.