Why are we calling ourselves a Social Enterprise?

“A social enterprise is a cause-driven business whose primary reason for being is to improve social objectives and serve the common good.”

The primary vision behind the enterprise is to assist all schools and colleges to maximise fundraising through a sustainable revenue through a brand new platform - Brainz.

Sustainable revenue differentiates a social enterprise from a traditional charity that relies on outside funding in either the form of donations or grants to achieve it's vision and plan to grow and develop school infrastructure etc.

The priority of this platform is the reinvestment of profits back into schools in support of their goals.

Brainz is led by a management team with significant experience in electronic commerce, web-based business applications and customer service. Our team has developed a suite of unique, web-based event and initiative management applications allowing our customers to better manage fundraising initiatives.

The purpose of Fundraising

Each school has a unique vision and master plan to grow and develop school infrastructure, assets and academic talent for future generations of students. Without valuable resources, schools are unable to fulfill their mission.

These strategic goals are challenging to meet with the traditional fundraising methods alone.


Non-financial outcomes of fundraising activities

Fundraising activities are great ways for organizations to raise much-needed financial support. However, they are also so much more!

The non-financial outcomes of the solution are quite possibly the most important, and usually, the most sustainable. Fundraising is also a way for us to build partnerships and develop community relationships. 


Informing and Educating

Our fundraising activities are also opportunities for us to inform and educate our community about the work we are doing and the part they can play in it.

At a simple level this means sharing stories about the impact Brainz has had on our schools and our students. Our wider hope is to communicate the knowledge we have about youth development, and convey the importance that everyone help young people build up the assets that improve their future odds


Supporting community relationships

We are proud to be a catalyst that unites these different communities and helps forge new relationships that grow beyond 2023.

Brainz supports local communities